Our services include the manufacture of courtyard doors, fences, stairs, and canopies. In short, anything to do with metal. We tailor all of our products to the customer's wishes and needs.

courtyard door

The courtyard door is usually the first thing your visitors and passers-by see. Because a courtyard door in combination with a garden fence can fulfill its protective and, above all, aesthetic function even better, ELKO d.o.o. offers a wide choice of swing, sliding, self- supporting, and telescopic courtyard doors. To make your home even more comfortable, we can equip it with an electric operator.


We manufacture bespoke garden, staircase, and balcony railings made from steel profiles and forged elements. We advise you on the design to find a standard solution that is functional, aesthetic, and affordable. Metal is a material that can be cut, pressed, bent, and sculpted. These properties allow the production of customized, unique products. The corrosion protection by hot-dip galvanizing makes them resistant to weathering, rust, and mechanical wear.


We manufacture external and internal metal stairs. They can be straight, L-shaped, U- shaped, or circular. The stairs can be hot-dip galvanized (which increases the service life) or painted in the color of your choice. The tread surface can be mesh, ribbed sheet, or wood. They can be made with central support or with two-side supports.


We manufacture metal carports, which can be hot-dip galvanized and painted or just painted with the color of your choice. The roofing material is polycarbonate or trapezoidal sheet.


We also manufacture various metal products, such as window grilles, tables, chairs, shelves, cabinets, handrails, coat hangers, lights, etc.